Atlanta Newborn and Family Photographer Welcome!

Hi! Welcome to the OliveTree and DuPree Photography Blog page. My name is Sarah Van Bueren and I am your Atlanta Newborn and Family Photographer. I am new (again) to the Metro Atlanta area. I grew up in Central Florida, went to the University of Florida (GOOOO Gators) and graduated with a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. After grad school, I moved to Atlanta, met the handsome guy in the picture below and we were married a year later. I spent the next 12 years working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in school systems in Georgia and eventually Florida. After moving to Florida to be closer to my family, Geoff and I introduced our first baby girl into the world and eventually our second. After my youngest was one, I decided to stay at home with my girls so I could spend more time with them. Florida was amazing and we thought we’d never leave but my husband was given a job opportunity that we couldn’t say no to. We said our goodbyes, packed up our house and moved to Dallas, Texas. That’s a very brief history….I will tell you that I love God, my husband, my girls, and family too. I also love lifting weights, eating, spending time with friends and family, the occasional run, the pool, the sun, and the mountains.

By now you might be thinking “How does this eventually lead to being an Atlanta Newborn and Family Photographer?” Well, my love and passion for photography had been developing all along. I knew that I took pictures of everyday life in my head. I love the little moments, the relationships between friends and family, and everyday architecture. These were the things I would “click and edit” in my head. A book was what made it all come together for me. I’m actually reading it again right now.  Italian for Beginners by Kristen Harmel. Read It. I know you’ll love It. Cat, the main character, is a photographer. Not a professional photographer, but an accountant that loves photography and happens to be amazing at it. I won’t give anything away in case you actually choose to read it, but in Cat’s journey to becoming a professional photographer, she learns to find herself, overcome her fears, and embrace her strengths. Her photography grows as she learns to do that.

My journey has been similar. It’s been about taking risks, failing (something I HATE doing), learning and growing. Moving to Texas brought me in contact with the amazing Jessica Bookout at Lovely Fitzgerald Photography. If you’re in Dallas, check her out. I learned so much about the art and business of photography while working with Jessica. She also happens to be a wonderful friend. Eventually, God led us to Atlanta, GA and my passion for photography continues to grow. So that’s a bit about me. I promise that future blog posts will be full of cute faces, squishy babies, glowing moms-to-be and fun families! I look forward to being your Atlanta Newborn and Family Photographer!

Here are some pictures of my family and my girls.

Photo Credit: Lovely Fitzgerald Photography



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2 thoughts on “Atlanta Newborn and Family Photographer Welcome!”

  1. This is great, Sarah! I’m so very excited for you & can’t wait to hear & see more from you. Oh, you have a exceptionally beautiful family but then again I’m terribly biased. LOVE

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